Your analysis about Obama is spot on, I love it. He’s been irking me so much lately and what you said makes me feel seen.

However, about the defund the police part, I get where you’re coming from but I disagree on certain things. I believe there is room for multiple “slogans". Defund the police doesn’t negate the fact that black lives matter, it’s supposed to be within that movement. The idea was that defunding the police is in itself a way to address systemic racism, though it should never be a stand alone way. Totally agree that there has to be a factor of punishment for racist policing else we’re wasting our time. Overall it’s such a complex issue and we’re only just finding our bearings on figuring out tangible ways of ensuring that black lives matter. Dismantling, defunding and punishing the police must absolutely be one of those ways. After all, the BLM slogan rose to global popularity directly because of the actions of police, it is intrinsically tied to the issue of policing so it cannot be viewed as separate things.

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