Woman, please. Usually I don't respond to commenters who are not "racially literate", but I will make an exception for you. People of all races can be ignorant, cruel or prejudiced. Racism is a system of power plus privilege, which is carried out by white people specifically against people of color. When you as a pale skinned immigrant come to live in such a racist society, by virtue of your skin color you get certain protections and privileges that black people do not get.

Black men may have been able to vote before white women, who the hell cares? Did you know that black women got the right to vote DECADES after white women did? No, you did not know that.

You barely know anything about our history or the racial dynamics that shape this country. So I suggest you take your current intelligence and go educate yourself on the topic you are completely ignorant of. Start with reading books by James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, or any of the greats. Google "Why are black people angry about racism". Watch any documentary by Ava Duvernay. Anything before you come on my page whining about a couple instances when African Americans were not nice to you. I'm sorry those things happened, but those incidents do not constitute racism by any stretch of the imagination.


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