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Why do we make white people uncomfortable?

In George Yancy’s book Backlash:What happens when we talk honestly about racism in America, this PhD holding philosopher and professor painstakingly explains how white supremacy is literally inculcated within every single white person. His audience is definitely white readers, he addresses them multiple times as such, to the point where I actually feel like a voyeur eavesdropping on a conversation between him and some white person. His words ooze love, both explicitly and implicitly expressed to the white reader, a love predicated on truth and wrapped in humble confidence.

Our discomfort is parallel to your comfort. We are oppressed so that YOU can have a better life.

So no matter how well we articulate the truth, how gently, or softly, or academically, how much we scrub it clean of the vulgarity and profanity that offends sensibilities and anger that chills to the bone, it is difficult for you to ingest. It is not the way the truth is spoken, but the fact that the truth is spoken, as well as the truth itself, that makes you uncomfortable. That’s because truth, the reality of injustice, is inherently disconcerting to those who were raised ignorant or in denial about how they are complicit. Anti-racism is a lifelong process of re-education, it is less of a destination and more of a journey. Discomfort along the way, especially white discomfort, is both vital and inevitable, because there is a power imbalance seeking to be restored.

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