This was an excellent article Monica. It’s a shame that there are so many white people who saw the title, saw that it’s hosted on a part of Medium specifically catering to a social justice lens, and still came to post ignorant comments. With all the information and resources out there, there are just some white people who will REFUSE to get it, refuse to understand where we’re coming from, and have the absurd audacity to say it’s reverse racism to call out white privilege. Even when the white privilege is as glaring as it was in this Tiger King series.

White people literally smuggled these wild animals from their habitat and are crying about their “Riiighhttss” when anyone suggests that endangered species should be more abundant in the wild than in captivity in the US. And the level of atrocities every white person in that series got away with is astounding. Yet these Medium readers come with the stupid ass question “Why does everything have to be about race?”

Just say you’re ignorant of the perspectives of POC living in white dominant culture and move on. We don’t give a F about your stupidity as much as you don’t give an F about our social analysis.

As you can see she has a shit ton of claps because her conclusion is valid to those who are smart enough to get it. The rest of you are irrelevant.

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