Photo by Rostyslav Savchyn on Unsplash

Hands pressed against the glass

Mouth rising in a smirk that hides all things

Hoodie on, over his durag

Pants sagging slightly

Doesn’t he know how society feels about his hoodie and his sagging pants?

He knows, he doesn’t care.

And in that moment I am so happy to see him



So happy that I can’t think to open the door

That hands pressed against the glass is the universal sign to open the door

I only notice that the guard is not there while walking away

And someone else gets up to buzz him in

Because all I offered was a smile

That hides all things

Things time and circumstance never allows us the ability to say

I remember the time I saw him behind a glass screen in an orange jumpsuit

During his stay in Riker’s jail

He told me they framed him, told me he was innocent

They all say that, don’t they?

Don’t we?

I believed him anyway.

Didn’t hurt to be the only person who believed him


When he was in bondage

Maybe it would give him some hope

The world saw a cold criminal

I saw a frightened abandoned boy

Felt the moments I had with him in the little cubby drip on by

Till he placed his fist against the glass

And I did too, as our goodbye

But what I really wanted to do was slip my fingers under the little crevice

And touch his hand

But that might have been too much of

A display of love for the confines of our professional relationship

Me being a young woman

Him being a young man

My supervisor hovering in the distance

Things getting misconstrued as they often do

I didn’t know what he was going back to

When my last sight of him in that courthouse was


Hands crossed loosely behind his back

Head cocked to one side

Waiting to be shackled once more

Someone I know in chains.

Not a father, brother or son

Just someone I know

Yet the pain…

Writer, Visionary, War Strategist ;) If you like my writing here, you will loveee my poetry collection “Delusions of Grandeur”, now available on Amazon!

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