Reading this, I could sense the precision and delicate weaving of words that it took to write this piece, and may I just say, you definitely hit the mark. You’ve expanded my own perception of this case, as I too struggle with the intersection of forgiveness and justice evoked by such a tragedy.

For me it’s such an overwhelming struggle every single day to forgive those who are not remotely ashamed of anything they’ve done to us. Not only are they not ashamed, but they are in complete denial and utterly unwilling to repair the harm done, financially or otherwise.

We are forced to co-exist with such deceitful beings and cannot win the battle with violence, so sometimes forgiveness is the only option, releasing the burden of justice to the all-seeing God. In no way does that exempt us from the necessity of seeking justice for their wrongs, but it does ease the pain of knowing we may actually be incapable of carrying out the magnitude of punishment that they deserve.

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