I just realized you wrote this last year so I’m hella late, but you know what, this is what I needed to read and feel right now. I feel and appreciate the intense emotion of this piece. I am exactly on that page. Nowadays its fashionable and trendy to focus on girls and “women’s issues”, but I’ve been wondering when black men’s issues will take the forefront, as there is full-on genocide against them in this country, both from psycho-emotional warfare and physical murder. As a woman, I care about the survival of black men. The success of our community and survival of our people is dependent on fighting the system that targets them in particular. This doesn’t mean black women aren’t vital to the community, or don’t suffer from racism too — but guess what, the fact that our men get it worse DOUBLES our suffering.

I’m tired of these non profits feeling all puffed up like they’re doing something when all they do is make money off people broken by racism and talk about what those people can do to “be better”. Being a better person is not the issue! The system of racism needs to change, to end! Anybody regardless of pigment would struggle in the way that they do, if they were treated as the underclass, the punching bag of society. In fact, most of them wouldn’t even begin to display the strength, bravery, power and swag that black men master under these dire circumstances.

I suggest all these white allies and non profits dismantle the forces that oppress black men and let us black women worry about “helping black men be better”.

They can start with reparations and end with serious criminal sentences for racism, and miss us with the bullshit.

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