Hey Ajah, thanks for quoting me! And great, thought provoking piece overall.

I’m actually a Christian myself, though a more traditional kind in a sense, so I can definitely speak to being torn sometimes at seeming to have to choose christian values over pro-blackness. For example, the concept of loving your enemy and doing good to those that persecute you, versus holding them accountable. Can it ever be one and the same? I believe that to love those that hate me IS to be brutally honest with them and allow them the humanity of being held accountable for their actions.

Another one is having the hope of Jesus Christ’s return, but not letting that make me complacent about the injustice we face on earth. I think that’s where white Christians in particular really miss the mark, believing Jesus will come to save them from this mess on earth but not acknowledging how they contribute significantly to said mess.

Dealing with them is an eternal conundrum for black Christians, but I do find comfort and rest in my faith and in seeking God more.

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