A lot of progressives see “men" as a monolith, not acknowledging that there is a major distinction between the experience of a white man and that of a black man. Or a white man and an indigenous man.

Just because all men are generally physically stronger or have the perks associated with sexuality, doesn’t mean that all men have the same amount of social power. White men have insane amounts of social power and wealth, as a collective, whether conservative or liberal. They can afford to have privileges revoked or be on the back burner for a while.

The black man deserves the opposite- they have been disenfranchised for so long that this push to strip even more power from them is absurdly cruel to put it mildly.

But who will they turn to, if like you said, the right is concerned about the needs of white men while the left is concerned about the needs of “women".

We need to figure something out, and fast.

Writer, Visionary, War Strategist ;) If you like my writing here, you will loveee my poetry collection “Delusions of Grandeur”, now available on Amazon!

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